Wednesday, 22 May 2013


The sun is shining. I finally got this ridiculous deadline off my back.

Flowers and paint.
Birthday surprises.

And looking forward to going home to the spring sun. Looking forward to the days coming up. A little rush of adrenaline. A little bit of nerves.

A sense of epicness. And still a little rough around the edges. Welcome Indiana The Girl of Nottingham. She says 'I wanna hurt you just for fun'. That thought makes me smile a little.

A phat baseline and an infectious voice - this is Smoking Gun

And a completely different vibe to Animal. With a long drawn out semi silent intro and a lazy bassline and vocals that are a cross between Everything But The Girl and Kate Nash, Indiana flickers her brilliance in a doom electronica hype - 'Father's hold their daughters, I will hold myself instead'. My street. Yeah. Up it.

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