Thursday, 2 May 2013

Big Guns

Sorry for my lack of posting. Forgive me. Been a bit distracted with caring for the world.

Anyhow, yesterday I was in two minds whether to post or not. Mainly because two in my humble opinion big guns both released some new material. Split between them and adding a little April playlist for you, I whimpered into silence. But today, I'm back with a bang. Two Big Guns. A bonus. And a playlist. Yeah!

IYES - Daddy (demo)
Man if this is what a demo sounds like, I'd love to hear a jam session. And then a single. And then an album. Salivating. On Tuesday a bizzarely brilliant trailer vid came for this. And then this. Baseline which judders your ears. And some pretty madness electronic stuff on top. Hardly any vocals, but why bother when you have magic like this. The whole strip down from 4 mins in to the reintroduction at 5 mins just makes this more impressive. These guys are gonna be massive. And I love them. And you will too.

Wolf Alice - Every Cloud
Apparently this is meant to be a B side to Bros. Bros was pretty amazing. But this aint bad either.  This is like the most beautiful antithesis of Bros. The lazy vocals and the ever present synth with all kinds of worldy sounds to complement it make this one for the road. Definitely. No street lights. Just you alone on a highway to nowhere. Your lights dipped to point at the road ahead. Winding roads. Reminiscing about things you could have done. And then feeling better that you didnt do them. And stopping to listen to the panpipey sound. In your drive. Switch your engine off.

BONUS - Stay Bless - Always
I don't know too much about these guys - they're from London, they do electronic music. And this is a great pop song. Eager to hear more material. You know that feeling of looking into nothingness and thinking about stuff that doesnt exist. I'm searching for my complete-ness. This is what this does. And does it very well. Dream a little dream with me.

And lastly - a playlist. Enjoy, this is a little compilation of my April faves :)

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