Friday, 12 April 2013


When you think about to your youth what do you think of? I'm not really sure what I think of. Of course like everyone, its all a bit of a mash of a load of experiences. This past week for me has been a little about re-living some glory blazing days, some tantrums, and lots of looking forward to some pretty major new things.

And having stumbled on Parks, Squares and Alleys' new song Youth, I have a little cocktail of emotions:
  • Riding on a horse or something across some great moor or lush field in Ireland. 
  • Feeling myself looking back and thinking that was good. 
  • And looking forward and thinking this is going to be great. 
But mostly I see myself stretching out as I lie on a bamboo mat on a warm beach, thinking of a time I rode on a horse across a lush field in Ireland, looking back thinking that was great and looking forward thinking what's to come is going to be great.

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