Monday, 22 April 2013

Overcoming Fear

Big moments. Like really big moments. Defining moments. Life shaping moments. Special moments. Nervous moments. Exciting moments.

I had one of them over the weekend, hence no post. But in those moments, what you needs is a track like this. Overcoming Fear.

Les Mistons of London are a cross between an indie outfit and a full on electro pop band. There's two lovely pace shifts - the mid shift echoes through with euphoric screams of 'don't let your feet slow down' and then a crazy shift from indie to electro. Beautiful percussions and drumming and the sound of summer 2013 is here. The freedom of being able to drive with your window down wind swept hair all in the way, with this beautiful song blasting loud, breeze running through the cotton of your shirt etc etc. Happy times indeed.

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