Thursday, 18 April 2013

Only Real

Track 1 - Like a throwback to some 70's teenager's bike ride home as he greets the incoming summer holidays. Should he get that overgrown mullet cut? Its so hot and bothersome.  But then again Rosie from across the road had promised to spend an afternoon with him pulling straight his curls.
Track 2 - Rosie and said teenager sit on the porch of her terraced house watching the younger kids play marbles and she straightens out his curls
Track 3 - Said teenager is a bit grown up now. He waits to pick up Rosie in his slightly broken mini from her shift at Dulwich art college. These are rockier times. Boy wishes to reignite curls straightening porch sitting days
Track 4 - Weird dream like trance where teenager now a man imagines life without Rosie. He gets scared and presses rewind and starts on Track 1 again.

This is my little review for Only Real's mini EP. Yes, I know its weird. But this is what I think of when I hear this brilliant little EP. 

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