Thursday, 25 April 2013

No Place Like Home

As I said a few days ago, work has been crap. Other things have been too, especially after a special weekend. A family death, stressful deadlines, a wind of change. I think that's what Lo-fi music was made for. Brooding, atmospheric and seriously contemplative.

It's been a real long time that I got heavily excited about new music. I mean its nice to stumble across stuff which pleases your ears for a few minutes. It's ridiculously rare that I come across a new band with whom I instantly fall in love with. But I have. I know it sounds like a massive big intro, but seriously, Watercullers aka Kris Lavin have smacked that void right up. So naturally, on their SoundCloud, I went down the track listing and every song I listened to hit the spot. I seriously suggest you listen to all of their music, but here are the three stand outs for me.

Repetitive Tape Jam - ok, no vocals, but puts you in that mood to just stare at the blank wall and think about stuff that doesn't exist.  0.59 to 1.27 magic moments with lovely guitar riffs

Window - 'I wanna lean outta windows with you' - have there been truer lyrics? Just a beautiful composition of supple undertones of pain. Sorrow. Yes, but it still makes me smile. 'Stand in silence with you'. Simply beautiful.

The Best Place to Live - A sample from Wizard of Oz or something, crazy play with that later and an amazing springy electro beat. Layered with hollow echoey vocals. Yes, please. Plenty of it. And that lovely glide into a song that sounds completely different. And that weird rumble thing. I love it. Then stripped back and...

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